We are excited to resume offering home treatments to our patients. We adhere to the safety measures set by each College of Physiotherapists, not limited to mandatory masks and sanitation. Appointments are limited. Please book ahead.

Home and Virtual Physiotherapy for Patients in

Therapia brings licensed physiotherapists to the patient's home for personalized, 1-on-1 treatment. Our therapists have completed over 34,000 treatment sessions on Therapia.
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How It Works

We bring exceptional therapists to your patient, saving time, pain and cutting through confusion. Our services are covered by all health insurance providers.

Call for immediate consultation and scheduling

Save time — Tell us about your injury and choose the time and place in just one phone call

From our conversation, we find the right expert for your condition

We match you with the ideal physiotherapist who specializes in your specific condition.

Get personalized treatment in the comfort of your home

Your physiotherapist will provide expert care and treatment plans that are tailored to your home environment and lifestyle.

Improving Access to Quality Patient-Centric Care

Therapia was started in 2016 by two verteran physiotherapists, an orthopaedic surgeon and a family physician to improve access to quality, affordable health care. Our vision was to develop a network of select therapists across the country that could bring physiotherapy into homes with greater efficiency through technology and data-driven systems.

34,000 treatment sessions later, Therapia is now Canada’s largest network of mobile physiotherapists with service in all major cities in Ontario and Alberta. The majority of patients are able to receive next-day appointments with an expert who specializes in treating their condition. Our mission continues to innovate on behalf of patients everywhere.

Dr. Jas Chahal, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Co-founder

Adam Brown, MScPT

Licensed Physiotherapist, Co-founder

Joon Nah, MScPT

Licensed Physiotherapist, Co-founder

Why Home Physiotherapy?

Having physiotherapy brought to the home benefits a variety of patients segments

  • Patients restricted by mobility issues (ie. seniors)
  • Patients recovering from surgery
  • Patients suffering from pain and seeking immediate care
  • Patients wishing for more private care options (ie. new moms)
  • Patients lacking access to transportation options
  • Patients hesitant to leave home in the winter risking slips and falls
  • Patients looking to avoid risks of COVID-19 exposure in public places

Having care delivered at home allows for additional personalization of treatment plans and exercises. Our therapists adapt traditional exercise plans to the physical environment of the patient’s home for ease of adherence and therefore faster recovery times.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does our referral process work?

Patients may be referred to Therapia by a physician/healthcare team.

After submitting a simple questionnaire, our support team will reach out to the patient to learn more about their condition needs and reserve an appointment time with a payment card. Patients are not charged until after their appointment is completed. The matched therapist will be notified and confirm the details. On the day of the appointment, the therapist will travel to the patient’s home with all necessary equipment safely prepared. The first appointment consists of an initial assessment and some time for manual treatment, followed by the recommended treatment plan. Follow up sessions are coordinated between the physiotherapist and patient as needed.

What are our COVID-19 safety protocols?
Federal and provincial health regulators have determined in-person physiotherapy as an essential service since May 26, 2020 and released various guidelines and protocols to follow. As our therapists are regulated health professionals, they adhere to the protocols set by their college board in conjunction with government policies, no matter where they practice. This includes wearing PPE, masks, sanitizing equipment before and after appointments, doing an home environmental assessment, etc. Therapia as a platform also added our own safety protocols, such as sending an pre-screening email to the patient 24 hours before their appointment.
What are some patient outcome results?

Therapia patients average 11.3 sessions per year versus an average of 8.2 clinic visits per year in Canada due to patient reported factors of convenience, ease of following exercises adapted to their home environment, and stronger patient-therapist relationships.

We follow up with every patient’s experience and the majority report immediate feelings of relief after their initial appointment. This commitment to patient satisfaction has earned us an average of 4.9 star review on Google.

How do you select your physiotherapists?
Therapia handpicks therapists in communities with the right mix of experiences, bedside manners and commitment to patient care. Our therapists average over 5 years of practice experience. Only a small percentage of applicants are onboarded to our platform. Each therapist is then provided ongoing support to empower them to focus the majority of their time on patient care instead of administrative/practice management.
Do patients pay out-of-pocket?

The vast majority of our patients use their health benefits plans to pay for physiotherapy. Our services are covered by all health insurance plans. In addition to the added convenience benefits, physiotherapy from Therapia is often less expensive than clinics. Our typical weekday rate is $99 per 45 minutes of 1-on-1 care, all inclusive.

While we will offer direct billing in the near future, patients currently reserve appointments using a credit/debit card. Payment is charged only after each appointment, at which point the patient will receive an automated email with a copy of the receipt to submit to their insurance provider for reimbursement.

What are the most common types of conditions treated?
See the chart below for conditions we treat regularly since 2016.