Home Physiotherapy in

Care that is convenient and effective.
Our expert physiotherapists will come to you.


Call: 416-526-6933

Home Physiotherapy in

Care that is convenient and effective. Our expert physiotherapists will come to you.


Call to book: 416-526-6933

Appointments from 8am-9:15pm, every day.

No home equipment needed. We bring everything to you.

Insurance reimburseable treatments

Markham can now enjoy the comfort and convenience of physiotherapy at home. Therapia proudly provides home phsyiotherapy to the Markham area. As home to global technology giants including IBM, Sun Microsystems, Hewlitt Packard and Apple Canada, Therapia now provides these residents access to top quality physiotherapy. We make life a little simpler, so you have greater control over your work-life balance.

Licensed, Expert Physiotherapists For Your Condition

All Therapia physiotherapists are registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

Heather Watson
Pre/post natal,

Clarence Lau
Sports injuries,
Senior Care

Sonia Gashgarian
Senior Care

Corey Persic
Post-operative rehab,

Sonia Vovan
Orthopaedic & vestibular rehab, exercise therapy

How it works

Tell us about your injury
We’ll ask you some background questions about your injury and what appointment times are convenient.

We’ll find a physiotherapist match
We’ll match you with a PT and confirm your appointment time.

A Physiotherapist comes to you.
A PT comes to you to give you an assessment and create a treatment plan.

Why Choose Home Physiotherapy

Patients save 40 minutes on average per appointment, by eliminating travel and wait time.

We find and schedule a physiotherapist experienced with your specific condition.

Exercises taught at home are more effective than when taught in a clinical setting.

Pay the same for an in-home appointment as a trip to the physiotherapist office.

Simple Pricing.

All appointments are 45 minutes.
per appt

Book Now

*For weekend and statutory holiday appointments, the price is $120.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your credit card will be charged after your session is completed. The following day your receipt will be available in your account. You can download or print your receipt and submit it to your insurer for reimbursement.
When you book your initial appointment, your credit card information will be entered into our secure platform. This credit card will be billed after each appointment is completed. Therapia does not store your credit card information. We utilize a third-party payment processing company called Stripe to safely process the transaction.
No. At this time Therapia does not direct bill any of these payers.
Your first visit will consist of an assessment of your problem. This assessment will include a health history followed by a physical examination. After your therapist has a complete understanding of your problem they will create a treatment plan with you. You should be dressed appropriately for a physical examination of your injury. If time permits, treatment may begin on the first visit. Treatment sessions are approximately 45 minutes in duration.
Simply log into your account and click on the pending appointment. You will see a “Cancel” button. When you click this button, your appointment will be cancelled. You will also receive an email confirmation that the appointment has been cancelled. Please note that we require 24 hours of notice for cancellations. If an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours of notice you will be charged a cancellation fee equal to the full price of the appointment.

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