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Therapia Physiotherapy - About Us

Therapia's mission is to enable a personalized circle of care for patients, wherever they are.

We help patients heal comfortably in the comfort of home by delivering expert licensed physiotherapy to the doorsteps. We ensure patients receive the highest quality treatment that is affordable and convenient using our tech-enabled platform and hand-selected network of therapists.

To begin, patients simply indicate their area of injury and select an appointment date and time. Therapia does the rest of the work. We make sure each patient is matched with the ideal physiotherapist in their community suited to treat their specific condition. With therapists available 7 days a week, 365 days a year and with prices comparable or below those found in a clinic, we are quickly becoming the provider of choice for physiotherapy services.

To book a physiotherapy appointment click here or call (416)-526-6933.

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Here are some of the areas in which our home physical therapists provide highly specialized care:

  • Seniors care and geriatric rehabilitation (e.g. injury and fall prevention, de-conditioning/weakness)
  • After surgery (e.g. anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, joint replacement, arthroscopy, fracture repair)
  • Bone and joint disorders (e.g. back pain, arthritis, joint pain)
  • Musculoskeletal sprains, strains, and tears of muscle, tendon, ligament and other soft tissues
  • Fractures and dislocations (e.g. hip fractures, patella and shoulder dislocations)
  • Neurological Conditions (e.g. after stroke, spinal cord injury)
  • Cardiac rehab (e.g. following a heart attack)
  • Seniors care and geriatric rehabilitation (e.g. injury and fall prevention, de-conditioning/weakness)
  • Disorders of dizziness and imbalance (e.g. vertigo)
  • Sports injuries

Our Team

As founders of Therapia, we are first and foremost, healthcare providers. Our team has over four decades of experience in physiotherapy, orthopaedic surgery, and primary care medicine. Over time, it’s become clear that allied healthcare, and particularly physiotherapy, is time-consuming, inconvenient, and often does not put the needs of the patient first. Our cumulative experiences with our own patients sparked the genesis of Therapia -- a platform that allows patients and caregivers to choose their healthcare providers and receive care on your schedule. At Therapia, we believe the future of healthcare will be personalized and closer to home. Founded in 2015 in Toronto, we are thrilled to have delivered exceptional physiotherapy to thousands of satisfied patients and continue to improve our service everyday.

Our Management Team

Owen Ou


Ambles Kwok

CTO, Co-founder

Jas Chahal

Co-founder, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Adam Brown

Co-founder, Registered Physiotherapist

Joon Nah

Co-founder, Registered Physiotherapist