At Therapia we understand the unique needs of Canadian athletes. Sports physiotherapy involves a different approach and a unique perspective on what motivates the individual. Here are some of the ways that we ensure our athletes are getting what they need out of their Sports Physiotherapy experience with Therapia.

We Understand Your Sport

There is nothing more frustrating to an athlete to have to try to explain the intricacies of their sport to their therapist. A sports physiotherapist should have a clear understanding of a wide variety of sports. They will know the basic functional movement patterns, strategy, and culture of the sport. They must have a clear understanding of how you train, practice and compete in order to help create a clear return to sport plan after injury.

We Understand Athletes

At Therapia we have treated amateur pro and national level athletes. We understand that you can not just stop. We will devise a plan to keep you fit while you recover from injury so that u are ready to get back in the game. People who live and breathe their sport are highly motivated. They often approach rehab with the same vigour as a training schedule. We will make sure you have the right plan in place to get optimal results.

We Are On Your Team

Think of Therapia as your newest teammate. Nothing derails a sports physiotherapy plan like poor communication. We will devise a plan considering input from coaches, trainers, the athlete and physicians to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Hands-on One-on-One Sports Physiotherapy

We know that athletes need intense, hands-on therapy delivered by an experienced sports physiotherapist. With Therapia we will waste no time having you sit on machines or working with a non-physiotherapist assistant. Every moment of your care will be aimed at getting you back in the game.

Sports Physiotherapy On Site

One of the great benefits of mobile physiotherapy is that it can take place anywhere. Need your Physio to come to a practice or training session to help shape what you should be doing? No problem, we can do that. Working with Therapia is like having a little Sports Physiotherapy guardian angel on the sidelines ready to help when needed.