How Does Massage Therapy Accelerate Recovery?

Everyone knows that a great massage is a special treat that can relax your body and quiet your mind. But few appreciate how it can accelerate the rehabilitation process. A great massage improves circulatory, muscular, and nervous system function. Skillful treatment results in pain reduction, improved healing and a more complete recovery of function.

Some of the benefits of massage are:

  • Improved joint flexibility and range of motion.
    • The soft tissues that support our joints can become tight resulting in joint stiffness and poor range of motion. Your massage therapist will spend time working on the mobility of the tissues holding you back.
  • Promotes deeper and easier breathing.
    • Through the meditative benefits of massage and improved respiratory muscle function patients are able to breathe more freely resulting in improved oxygenation of their tissues.
  • Improved posture
    • Posture is very important for preventing common aches and pains. A massage therapist will treat shortened muscles and fascia that will allow you to sit and stand in a better position.
  • Aids in healing strained muscles and sprained ligaments.
    • The above benefits result in quicker and more complete healing of injured tissues, getting you back to pain-free living.

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